Welcome to my cube pages. My name is Michiel van der Blonk, I am a programmer and a speedcuber. Two hobbies that combine very well. I have been cubing since the eighties and hope to add to your cubing experience as well. I try to keep this site as interesting as possible no matter what your current level is.

For beginners

You can start with some videos, e.g. my introduction to speedcubing or a sample speedsolve in 18 seconds (below).

If you are an absolute beginner consider yourself lucky to have found a comprehensive compendium of links and tools that help you in your study of the Rubik's cube.

Here are some links to get started:

For speedcubers

If you're a speedcuber but haven't been to a tournament yet you might want to go in the future. Perhaps you still need to practice a lot to get that sub 20 average. It might seem impossible now, but I assure you anyone can get there. It took me over 20 years, but I achieved this as well. Don't give up!

I used to operate alglist.ning.com, a large algorithm database with animated cubes for all algorithms, a great search function, commenting and social features. Unfortunately the morons at Ning.com have decided to take it down, saying it was too difficult for them to maintain. I am currently working on a new version that I will host myself.

For competitors

If you are a competitor, and you have met me, then hi again! If you haven't I hope to meet you at an upcoming tournament. My site does not hold a lot of information on tournaments, for that you'd better go to speedcubing.com.

Among 'famous' speedcubers I personally know are Tyson Mao, Dan Harris, Lars Vandenbergh, Ron van Bruchem and Jessica Fridrich.

For programmers

I am always interested in new projects and working together with other programmers to come up with the best tools for (speed)cubing. My expertise is in the field of web development. I have been a trainer and programmer for web development languages since the early days of the internet.

See some tools I made

6 thoughts on “Home

  1. i wouldlike to teach the rubiks cube.I know the fridrich,long layer and lars petrus method.I have just started a blog and i’m trying to learn how to advertise to teach the cube.I have made a rubiks video tutorial.I can do the cube in about 20 seconds on a good day .I am aiming for 15 seconds.In the 80s I could do the long layer method of about 115 quarter turns in 27 seconds.

  2. I miss alglist.ning.com very much so, I would like to see it up and running again. I have finally found somewhere the important information I was missing. So if you do get a database running again, please email me. I loved the one you had, you actually added in patterns, one pattern I wanted to add. Ultimately, I’m sad.

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