New Speedcubing World Champion

I just got word that the new speedcubing world champion is Breandan Vallance of the UK. He managed to set an average time of 10.74 seconds.

It seems Breandan got better over time during the competition. First round he scored a best time of 11.47, then in the semi finals got a best time of 10.43 and in the finals scored a rocking 9.63.

Here's a video of him setting a national record (not at world championships this is):

Here are all of his results

Round Place Best Average Result Details
Final 1 9.63 10.74 10.19 11.78 11.80 10.25 9.63
Semi Final 10 10.43 12.2 15.97 10.43 12.06 12.90 11.65
First 19 11.47 12.8 14.40 12.34 12.34 11.47 13.71

Amazing, congratulations. Also to Dan Cohen for setting a world record on the Revenge (4x4), Michal Halczuk on 7x7, Piotr Michal Padlewski on Square-1, B¡lint Bodor on MegaMinx, and Yumu Tabuchi for one-handed.