That\'s meMy name is Michiel van der Blonk, I am a speedcuber, and a programmer. That's why I made this website to show my speedcubing tools, videos and my popular simple Rubik's cube tutorial.

I started cubing when I was 12, maybe 13, I don't really remember. I was born in 1969, so that is a very very very very long time ago (in internet time). I solved the cube in three months, denying all help I could easily get from solution booklets to friendly neighbours. In a years time I had improved so much with my own method that I could solve a cube in about 45 seconds. Then I decided I had played enough with the cube and I put it down.

Little did I know that some 20 years later I would be preparing myself for the Rubik's Cube World Championships... and actually compete in it too. In 2003 I entered the second Rubik's World championships and finished 26th. Never in my life had I experienced something like this. Never had I met so many like minded people, male and eh... 1 female, and it was fantastic. It's not just the Rubik's cube, it's more. It seems to be a mindset, and it has something to do with being obsessed about one thing, and about special skills. Lots of speedcubers juggle, do magic tricks, or perform amazing stunts.

I left the 2003 championships with a 26th place. Not bad at all, but I did realize I probably wouldn't make it to the top ten anytime soon. So I decided to do more of the programming work for speedcubing. Don't get me wrong, I still practice and try to get faster; but I also like to spend time with my beloved wife Yasmara and my cute little boy Orion. And my PC of course, LOL. Besides, I am older than most people in the top 10, who are mostly below 15 (in age and in solving average). I work as a teacher of computer science at EPI (Educacion Professional Intermedio).

I never got a lot of media attention, and neither did I go look for it. I was in the local newspaper once, before the 2003 WC and I was on local television when I organized a Rubik's cube Workshop for kids. My tutorial stems from making a web page for that workshop actually.

Maybe someday I'll give it up completely, like Marc Waterman, and do something else with the time I win. Who knows?

Some useless statistics

  • Age: born in 1969, so that makes me years old
  • Eyes: blue
  • Marital status: Married
  • Work: Programming & Teaching
  • Play: Speedcubing
  • Location: Oranjestad, Aruba
  • Education: Computer Science
  • Nationality: Dutch
  • Fastest time to solve a Rubik's cube: 11.27 seconds (this was a little bit lucky).

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