Some of the cubing tools I have written include:

  • WordPress Rubik Plugin - A plugin that allows you to show applets and images of Rubik's cube algorithms.
  • Online Timer: this timer will show your scrambled cube, so you can make sure you performed your scramble correctly.
  • Talking timer: a timer that says the time out loud while you solve. Useful for blindfold cubing. Also very handy for cooking eggs.
  • Video Timer: put this timer in the background when making your awesome record videos. It resizes the timer with your window.
  • Animated cube applet - configurable in many ways. Try the parameters in the Rubik's cube animated applet as shown on You can also embed the applet on your own site. It supports the same features as the WordPress Rubik Plugin.
  • Speedcubing study page -built on top of the animated applet you can analyze algorithms. Use it e.g. for the FMC.
  • Algorithm database - this is becoming the largest cube database on the net, for sure.
  • JavaScript tools for algorithm transformation

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