Average move count

This is an example of 10 solves, where I used the advanced method. At the same time I employed the COLL algorithms where necessary, and rotated the cube sometimes, putting another color on top to move to a more suitable last layer situation.

  1. 43
  2. 48
  3. 49
  4. 60
  5. 62
  6. 60
  7. 48
  8. 67
  9. 75
  10. 61

Average: 57.3 moves

3 thoughts on “Average move count

  1. thanks very much for your help. it was a bit confusing at first but when i got the hang of things i was on a role. i think that maybe you could find a way to start with one side already finished and have the step by step thing that you already have in place here. i am only saying this because i have seen this on another web site and thought that those steps were really easy to follow as well as yours. i hope you take my advice and use to your advantage. anyways i had better be going now so like i said thank you very much for your help with finally solving the rubik’s cube!!

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