Step 5

Solve 2x2 block on final layer and final 2nd layer edge (~11 moves)

This consist of three steps, after which your cube should have all edges positioned and still oriented correctly. In addition you will have one corner of the last layer already solved.

  1. Connect a bottom layer corner with a bottom layer edge (matching colors)
  2. Connect those two pieces with another edge, forming a 2x2 block
  3. Position all edges correctly, starting with the final 2nd layer edge

Here is an example solve

moves will appear here

After putting in that final 2nd layer edge it's possible you arrive at a disturbing situation: two edges in the bottom layer are switched, and you cannot put them in their correct place without either breaking the 2x2 or messing up other edges. Don't worry, there is a simple algorithm to solve this.

To solve this situation make sure the 2x2 block is in the BR corner and the final 2nd layer edge is in the FR spot. Put the last layer on top (so you may have to turn the cube upside down here). Then do

moves will appear here

If you look closely you will recognize the Sune in the middle of this algorithm. This is actually a slight adaptation of it.

Some alternatives you could use

  • moves will appear here
  • moves will appear here

Don't worry that some corners are out of place, we'll fix that soon.

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