Step 3

Three 2nd layer edges (keyhole, ~15 moves)

The keyhole method is named after the open slot that is kept, which is used to put the missing 2nd layer edges in.

For the keyhole method to work, you need to always keep one corner of the first layer unsolved. You then do the following

  1. move the top layer so that the unsolved corner is aligned with the unsolved edge
  2. perform either R' or F to make space for the edge (which should be in the bottom layer)
  3. move the edge into place
  4. undo the R' or F
  5. move the top layer back

This is very short and comes down usually to an algorithm of only 5 moves like UR'DRU' or U2FD'F'U2.

moves will appear here

moves will appear here

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