Step 6

Step 6: Swap (permute) corners

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Again, this is an easy step, which needs only one algorithm. This is getting boring... And guess what? You already know at least half of this algorithm, because it is the same as in step 5.

Keep the correct corners on the left, and the corners to be swapped on the right face. Perform:

moves will appear here

Notice the R R' in the middle of the algorithm. Of course this doesn't do anything - I left it there to show that this is a combination of two separate algorithms, one which ends in R, and the other starts with R'. This happens a lot when solving, and is named 'cancelling moves'. If you like you can leave both moves out to perform the algorithm faster.

You may have to perform this algorithm twice in case three or four corners were swapped.

4 corners swapped

This can only mean two pairs of two are swapped, and so when you perform the algorithm, turn the cube 180 degrees and perform it again, the cube should be solved.

moves will appear here

3 corners swapped

This is in fact the exact same situation as 2 corners swapped. It just means that you have to make a D or D' move to get there.

moves will appear here

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Speedcubing Tips

These are definitely not the shortest/fastest algorithms on the block. Check for more.

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    1. I know, I know. I have been looking for what algorithms I need to replace these with, but I can’t find them, since they closed the site and all it shows is a number. Darn. I will make sure to replace them with something suitable.

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