New Advanced Tutorial

Tada! I would like to announce the official publication of my new advanced tutorial. For the renowned speedcubers, this does not compare to an advanced method as Fridrich or Petrus, so in that sense it's more 'intermediate'. The method has some very nice characteristics that I'd like to mention:
  • it can easily end up in a solve of less then 50 moves HTM without much luck (however it could also lead to 70-80 moves when you're not so lucky)
  • it is an excellent follow-up on the beginners method
  • it is an excellent preparation for CFOP and COLL (see glossary)
  • it requires a limited set of algorithms (minimum 13), though the full method comprises much more than the beginners method.

If you are interested in learning it, I'd like to know about it, drop me a line. Make sure you know the beginners method before you start, that helps tremendously.

I have not seen a method like this published before, but if  you know of someone who has, please let me know.

Stay posted for updated material and a video.